Fruit is one of those products that must be considered in order to be packaged and delivered to the customer. In addition to the fact that the fruit packaging should be in a way that protects the product well, it should also have an attractive and acceptable design because the appearance of the packaging can have a significant share in the sale of fruit in the market. Follow us until the end of the article to share the important points in fruit packaging with you

The importance of fruit packaging

As mentioned, fruit packaging should help maintain fruit quality. Improper packaging can adversely affect the quality of the fruit and cause it to spoil, in which case significant financial losses will be incurred by the fruit seller. It is also necessary to pay attention to the construction and design of fruit packaging because its beautiful appearance will attract the customer

Types of fruit packaging

There are different types of fruit packaging on the market today, and for this reason, to choose the type of fruit packaging, you should pay attention to certain points. In the following, we will see the types of fruit packaging

Wooden fruit packaging

Due to its hardness and firmness, this type of packaging should be used for hard fruits such as potatoes, apples, onions, etc. This type of packaging is more expensive than other packages. It is usually used in wooden packaging in the form of boxes, baskets or pallets. Also, the wood used is usually Russian wood. Most wooden boxes are produced locally, so they do not meet the required standards for fruit transportation

Advantages of wooden packaging: Possibility of air conditioning, impact and pressure resistant

Disadvantages of wooden packaging: Unrefined wood is usually used for the production of wooden boxes, so these boxes have a high potential for mold and fungus growth, are not recyclable, and are not suitable for packing small and soft fruits such as berries

Fruit carton packaging

Cartoon fruit packages are usually made of three-layer or five-layer cartons with one or two layers of kraft sheets and are available in different designs and dimensions in the market

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