date fruit

date fruit

It is one of the types of oval-shaped Iranian dates known in international markets, which is known for its sweet and mild taste.Dates grown in Iran and exported abroad include Mozafati, Pyaram, Khasavi, Shahani, Rabi, etc. We focus onMozafati Bam dates because of its uniqueness in Iran and the high quality of cultivation of this product.

Characteristics of Mozafati dates

Mozafati dates are considered the most expensive Iranian dates due to their excellent taste and high quality. This type of date has a high nutritional value.

Mozafati dates are classified  two categories with humidity above 30% and low humidity with humidity below 20%.
The amount of moisture depends on the harvest time
The color of fresh dates varies from dark brown to black when harvested, it is dark purple and turns black after production and storage, its skin keeps the inside of the date fresh.
Due to weather conditions, the harvesting time of Mozafati dates is late August and early October. This fruit cannot stay on the trees for a long time due to loss of moisture and thin skin