Description of potatoes

Potato is a plant that has compound and cut leaves and white or purple flowers. The fruit is small, spherical, red; But it has a (superficial root) food that contains a lot of starch. Potatoes are the fourth most widely cultivated crop in the world after corn, wheat and rice

There are about 4,000 types of potatoes, including common commercial varieties, each with specific agricultural or culinary characteristics. Potatoes are the fourth largest and most consumed human food product after corn, wheat and rice.

Provinces producing potatoes in Iran

Iran is also the largest potato producer in the Middle East and the second largest potato producer among Islamic countries after Bangladesh. Therefore, Iran’s export potatoes have always been known in the world. Iran’s closest competitor in potato production is Egypt, which is ranked 14th in the world with a difference of 100,000 tons.

With an annual production of five million tons of potatoes, Iran annually exports about 200,000 tons of this product to Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

Hamedan province with the production of about 24% of the country’s potatoes is the first in the production of this product and Ardabil, Isfahan, East Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Zanjan provinces are ranked second to sixth, respectively, which produce a total of 63% of the country’s potatoes

Select and buy healthy and suitable potatoes

Potatoes should be firm and should not sink when you press them with your finger. The softening of the potato marks the beginning of the spoilage process. Avoid buying softened potatoes

As the potatoes grow in the soil, the fresh potatoes should smell a little soil Of course, its skin should not be too muddy and earthy.

Wrinkles on potatoes can be a sign of improper transportation, loss of moisture or storage in a very hot place. Be sure to note that the potatoes should be flat and raised

important point

Potatoes grow underground. If part of the potato gets out of the soil, it releases a chemical called solanine to protect itself from the animals. Solanine makes potatoes taste unpleasant and bitter. Solanine if consumed in large amounts can lead to digestive disorders diarrhea

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