sweet pepper

sweet pepper

Sweet pepper, also known as sweet pepper It is one of the most popular types of peppers around the world which is known along with herbs like Tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes are classified in the potato family Capsicum has one major difference with other peppers, and that is that it does not taste as spicy as red pepper and black pepper. And for this reason, in countries such as Ireland and England, it is known as sweet pepper. Bell pepper is an annual plant with relatively stiff branches and single white flowers. Due to its many properties, this vegetable has been recommended by doctors and specialists

Types of bell peppers

Sweet peppers are planted in different colors and shapes and we use different types of it in different foods. Capsicum is available in yellow, orange, red and green. The green type is more and cheaper and is very useful in cooking The taste of different colors is slightly different. Red bell peppers have a different taste than yellow bell peppers There is also a difference between the green taste of sweet pepper and other peppers. But in general, all the colors of bell peppers are similar in determining gender and male and female There are bumps on the bottom of bell peppers and bell peppers that have four bumps below them are female

Female bell peppers are full of seeds and have a sweet taste. It is more suitable for preparing all kinds of salads and raw foods than male pepper

Bell peppers with three protrusions are male have fewer seeds and more bitter

It is used for cooking and is more practical in cooking  Male bell peppers do not become bitter at all after cooking and remain delicious

The diversity of pepper species increases the production and delivery volume of bell peppers. Iran is one of the largest exporters of peppers. Colorful green peppers grown in greenhouses, red peppers and greenhouse green peppers are the best products for foreign trade.