Iran is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of onions in the world, producing more than three million tons of onions and offering them to the world in excellent conditions and at reasonable prices.

Export of onions

In the field of Iranian onion export, there are different types of this product in Iran and the world, but in general, Iranian export onion is divided into three categories: red onion, yellow onion and white onion. It has various characteristics depending on the type and fields that are planted in Iranian onions. They can have a spicy, spicy or sweet taste and can be juicy or crunchy. Each onion has its own properties, taste, and therefore its use in cooking is different

Nutritional value of onions

Onions are important in terms of nutritional value because they contain sugars, vitamins, especially vitamin C, minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Raw onions increase the activity of the stomach and thus increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid. Therefore, those who have stomach upset may feel burning and pain in their stomach

Types of Iranian onion exports

Onion export is one of the five major export items in the group of agricultural goods. This product has always been considered by policymakers in agricultural markets and therefore is subject to guaranteed purchase. These products are among the most cultivated items and are prominent in the export of agricultural products and the entire agricultural sector.

Based on the benefits of onions, there are different categories in the market, the shape and characteristics of onion content are different. Export onions are divided into three types of onions

 Yellow onion. Red onion and white onion The highest demand in the world market is related to white and red onion market

Export of yellow onions

Export yellow onion (yellow onion) is the most famous member of the onion family, which has a golden brown skin and its inner layers are white or yellowish white. This type has a pungent odor and is the best option for cooking

Export of red onions

Export red onion, which is the most popular export onion in Iran, is a beautiful color with a reddish-purple velvet coating that has a white core. Due to its mild and sweet taste, it is the best option for consumption in raw form. Red onion has more flavonoids and fiber than white and yellow onion. Because of its beautiful color, you can use it to decorate a plate of food. Exported red onions are warmer than white onions. In fact, in traditional medicine, it is believed that the sharper the onion and the more elongated its shape, the warmer and drier it is.

Export of white onions

Export white onion (white onion) has a completely white skin and a mild and cool taste. The difference between white and yellow is that white onion is sweeter and has a shorter shelf life than yellow onion. In general, white and red varieties have a shorter lifespan than yellow onions due to their higher sugar content. If you are hot-tempered, it is better to eat round and white onions that have less heat and are more compatible with your mood.

SQD Company

Iranian onion export is known as one of the most popular and traded agricultural products in the world.

Therefore, export onions are especially popular among exporters in different countries. It should be noted that the export of onions requires a series of principles and steps in accordance with the laws of 2021

The most suitable place to store onions is the cold storage, which can be used to protect the onion from various changes during storage, as well as to protect against various pests such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. In addition, because placing the onion in a warm place will cause the onion to sprout, stalk and lose weight, placing it in the refrigerator will protect it from damage.

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Nutritional value of onions


100 g




1.1 grams

total fat

0.1 g


9.34 g


1.7 grams


4.24 grams


23 mg


0.21 mg


10 mg


29 mg


4 mg


4 mg


0.17 mg


0.039 mg


0.12 mg


0.5 mg

Vitamin C

7.4 mg


0.46 mg


0.027 mg


0.116 mg

Pantothenic acid

0.123 mg

Vitamin B6

0.12 mg


19 mg

Vitamin B12

Vitamin A


1 mg