Different varieties of apples in Iran

The apple tree is one of the most important and popular fruit trees in Iran, which has a special place in the history and culture of Iranians

Different varieties of apple trees are cultivated in Iran. There are many geographical areas prone to planting apples in the country,

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Apple producing provinces in Iran

Since apple is a cold climate fruit, the provinces that have regions with mountainous and cold climate are the major producers
of apples in the country. In summary, these provinces can be named as follows

West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Tehran, Isfahan, Fars


Apple varieties in West Azerbaijan

West Azerbaijan is the largest producer of apples in the country. The average yield of apples in this province is about 18 tons per hectare. The cultivars of red apple, golden apple, rose apple, spring apple and royal apple, along with other local varieties, comprise the main apple production in West Azarbaijan province, which with all the conditions considered, now Urmia, Miandawab, Piranshahr cities. , Ashnoyeh and Naqdeh are among the most important areas of apple production in West Azerbaijan


Apple varieties in East Azerbaijan

West Azerbaijan is one of the other active apple producers in the country. The Golden and Red Delicious varieties are among the most important fall apple cultivars under cultivation. Gulab, Red Star King, Gala, Fuji, Delbar Star varieties are other important summer apple varieties in this province. Other cultivars such as Almasi, Tarsh Alma and Ashaghi are also
cultivated with a smaller area
Maragheh cities are the middle of all three main apple producers in East Azarbaijan province

Apple varieties in Ardabil province

Due to its cold and dry climate, Ardabil is a suitable climate for apple production. Different cultivars of apples such as Sheki, Red Spar, Gala and Fuji are cultivated in this province. Lebanese red apples are also produced with very good quality in this province. Meshginshahr city is the largest producer of apples in Ardabil province.


Apple varieties in Tehran province

Apple planting in Tehran province has a long history. The cold weather of the northern regions of Tehran province as well as parts of the western part of the province have created very favorable conditions for the construction of industrial apple orchards. Varieties of red apple, golden apple and two-color French apple are in Tehran province. A specific apple variety of Tehran province, which is known as Shemirani apple, with its small size and sweet and juicy taste, is one of the other important apple productions in Tehran province.
The cities of Damavand, Firouzkoh, Shemiran, Shahriar and Mallard are among the most important apple producing cities in Tehran province.

Apple varieties in Isfahan province

Despite the semi-arid climate, Isfahan province has favorable conditions for the cultivation and production of all kinds of fruit trees, especially apples. Autumn and summer apple varieties are produced in this province. The three main varieties of red apple, rose apple and golden apple are important commercial products of Isfahan province. About 90% of apple trees produced in Isfahan province belong to Semiram city. The cities of Shahreza, Dahaghan and Golpayegan are also among the other apple producers in the province

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