Tomato is a non-hybrid fruit, meaning that its sugar growth begins with picking the fruit from the plant. The reason they often turn red is because they produce a gas called ethylene, which is found in things like bananas and apples. This gas increases the amount of lycopene in tomatoes, which causes them to turn red

Consume tomatoes

Tomatoes are now consumed around the world in a variety of ways, raw in salads, and processed for food and soup, sauces and pastes. Tomato juice is also a cool drink used to make some cocktails.

Tomatoes have acidic properties and therefore it is easy to store in storage in raw form, sauce and paste. The fruit can also be stored and consumed in thin sheets dried in olive oil

Today’s human food need to consume tomatoes all year round has led to the development of greenhouse tomato cultivation. Tomatoes are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, especially in Italy, and are the main ingredients needed to make pizza and pasta sauces.