Iran is one of the largest producers of grapes in the world, and it produces and sends large quantities of grapes to the market every year

Grapes produced in Iran have many fans inside and outside the country due to their high quality and good taste

Iranian grape is one of the attractive fruits with many properties, which has attracted the attention of many people due to its high nutritional value and taste.

Types of exported grapes

In general, different types of grapes are planted in Iran, of which we mention a few examples: seedless green grapes, black grapes, green raisin grapes, and strong grapes, etc., and most of these grapes are considered export grapes.

Seedless green grapes, which is one of the most popular types of export grapes, is one of the export options due to the properties and uses of this type of product

Among the other types of exported grapes are raisins, which are sold all over the world with first-class quality. It should be noted that raisins can be made from other types of grapes, but raisins are considered to be the best grapes for making raisins. This type of grape is exported to other countries both fresh and as raisins.