About the SQD

sqd is a global fresh and dry fruit and vegetable export company that started its activities in this field in 1999. This company specializes in products such as saffron, dates, apples, oranges, pomegranates, kiwi figs, watermelons, onions and garlic. It has developed a wide range of products and a wide network to become a global leader in the supply of fresh and dry products. Fruit products. We have worked hard to design safety and stability into our products and manufacturing processes. We choose the best harvested products. Any product It goes through several stages of quality checks and we ensure that only the best product is available to consumers. Our commitment to quality, supply and innovation is supported by an international logistics team.

Prices vary based on quantity, payment, and shipping terms. Therefore prices quoted based on requests. All prices are subject to our final confirmation unless otherwise mentioned in the quotation. Mostly all prices are valid for three calendar days.

SQD is one of the oldest, most reputable and diverse fruit producer and exporter

We are proud to announce that our company has been a leader in exports with since 1999 of supplying products of different quality, and we allow our customers to design their desired packaging based on demand, market rules and regulations.

The commitment of senior management has always been focused on sustainability, quality culture and transparency

SAT –THU 8:00-18:00  Friday is the weekend in Iran, but we are always online on whatsapp   


What are your shipping terms?

Normal shipment is “by sea”. Shipment by air, couriers, post parcel can also be arranged upon request.

S = Supplier

Q = Quality

D = Different