Today, many foods, fruits and vegetables are destroyed due to improper packaging and storage methods and cause a lot of financial loss to the seller. It is good to know that Iran has about one percent of the total population of the world, but our country’s share of global food waste is 5 percent. If this food loss does not occur, all the hungry people in the world can be fed

Most food waste is related to fruits and vegetables, so proper fruit packaging and storage are very necessary. In this article, we will introduce you to the best fruit packaging method, so join us

Important criteria in fruit packaging

In general, any type of packaging used for fruits and vegetables should meet the specific needs of the following

Product safety and protection

Fruit packaging should be maintained from the beginning of picking the fruits, during transportation and finally the delivery of the fruit from the product

Product novelty

The quality of the product must be maintained and its appearance and taste must not change

Types of fruit packaging

In general, it should be noted that each specific type of fruit and vegetables requires special packaging and should be very thorough knowledge of the type of fruit before packaging

plastic box

One of the packages used for fruit is a plastic basket. Usually these baskets are small in height and the fruits are not stacked in large numbers. This basket is recommended for long distance transportation. One of the disadvantages of plastic boxes is that they are non-recyclable, and they can not be assembled or disassembled

Fruit cartons

Carton is usually used for fruit packaging and export to other countries. This type of packaging is recyclable and can be produced in different sizes. These cartons are marketed in 3 or 5 layers with one or two layers of kraft sheets. You can also print a variety of graphic designs on it, but still do not have high resistance to moisture and pressure

One of the most effective methods in packaging fruits is packaging with controlled atmosphere. Packaging with modified air There are two forms of active and inactive. In packaging of modified air by active method, the product inside the package is emptied of any air and then A special gas compound is injected into this package

Packing by modified air method

This type of packaging is one of the newest and most methods of fruit packaging that prevents the production of fruit waste and financial losses. In fruit packaging with modified air, the product is inactively packaged in normal air and due to the special permeability and respiration of the agricultural product in it, the air inside the packaging is automatically corrected

Modified air has a positive effect on the metabolism of agricultural products. These include changes in carbon dioxide production, oxygen consumption and heat production. All of this causes the crop to be stored for a longer period of time and prevents waste. That is why this method is one of the best fruit packages

How to pack fruits

The steps of packing the fruits are as follows

Washing pond: In the first stage, the fruits are poured into the water pond so that the waste and plastic fruits come to the surface and are separated

conveyor: The fruits are taken out of the pond by a conveyor and go to the sorting table

Sorting table: Fruits that have problems in terms of appearance, size, color and… are separated from healthy fruits by the human forces that are around this table

Washing and disinfection: At this stage, depending on the type of fruit, perchlorine or methyl bromide is used to disinfect them

The fruits are impregnated with paraffin by special brushes on a roller strip

Drying tunnel: Using hot air, fruits are dried

Weight classification: Fruits that weigh more or less than the standard amount are separated

Packaging: Fruits are packaged according to their specific type

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