Carton boxes are one of the most common types of packaging, so it can be said that 90% of the packaging of various products is made of carton. The most important reason that cartoons have become popular among people is their recyclability. These boxes are usually made of paper and cellulosic materials that are environmentally friendly and decompose rapidly in nature. Cartons can also be kneaded over and over again to make new cartons. In this article, we try to introduce you to different types of multilayer cartons and the use of each, so stay tuned until the end

What is a carton

Multilayer cartons are made of cardboard and waste paper and are produced in the factory in rolls or sheets in certain sizes, then cut by machines and these cuts are based on the general plan of the box. Carton sheets can also be produced in different sizes and shapes. The thickness of the carton sheet can be different, for example, cartons are produced in two layers, three layers and five layers, etc., and it is called multi-layer carton

Types of cartons

As mentioned, cartons can be produced in a number of different layers. The two-layer carton consists of a sheet of flat paper and a corrugated sheet, which is called a single face

Single-faced or cardboard sheets are not useful for the boxin industry because they are very soft and weak, but these sheets can be used as shock absorbers inside the box. For example, in the biscuit box, single face is used as a shock absorber and separator. Single face is also used as a disposable floor in industrial halls

Carton with three-layer sheet

Three-layer cartons are made of two smooth layers of a corrugated layer called a flute. Two smooth layers in the form of a sandwich include a corrugated layer or a flute. It is classified according to the thickness or height of the flute. Flutes are divided into four categories A, B, C, E based on the step height. Flute A, for example, has a height of 5 mm, which is the highest thickness among the feet. The higher the pitch of the flutes, the higher the strength of the carton

Five-layer sheet carton

Five-layer cartons are made of three layers of plain paper and two layers of flute. The flutes are placed one by one between the smooth layers and covered by them. The more smooth layers and flute of the carton, the higher the strength and durability of the carton. Cartons made with more layers are used to pack heavier goods.

You should also know that the paper material of the carton layers also affects the quality and strength of the carton. For example, if the flute or corrugated layer is made of floating paper, the carton is stronger against pressure. Also, if the smooth layer is made of kraft paper, the tensile strength of the carton will be higher. In general, five-layer carton has more strength and resistance to pressure than three-layer carton

Cartons suitable for refrigeration

Laminated cartons are commonly used to pack fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. These cartons are constantly exposed to moisture and therefore must be made of a special material to withstand the moisture of the refrigerator. To resist moisture, in this type of cartons, an outer layer or a smooth layer made of kraft is used

Also, its float layer is made of moisture-proof floating paper. The outer color of this type of multilayer carton is usually yellow or light brown to orange, but the color on the other side is dark gray

Carton prices

There are a variety of factors involved in determining the price of each multilayer carton, such as what type of paper to use for the layers or how many layers of carton there are, causing the price of a multilayer carton to vary. Also, the size of the multilayer carton is an important factor in determining the price, so it is not possible to offer a specific price for the carton

The last word

Today, multilayer cartons are used for packaging any type of product, so it is very important to know the material of multilayer cartons and its types. It is also necessary to know for what purposes each type of multilayer carton is used, because depending on the place of use of the multilayer carton or the product that is to be placed in it, a certain type of carton is required

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