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Sweet pepper

Sweet pepper, also known as sweet pepper It is one of the most popular types of peppers around the world which is known along with herbs like Tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes are classified in the potato family Capsicum has one major difference with other peppers, and that is that it does not taste as spicy as red pepper and black pepper


Iran is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of onions in the world, producing more than three million tons of onions and offering them to the world in excellent conditions and at reasonable prices


Potato is a plant that has compound and cut leaves and white or purple flowers. The fruit is small, spherical, red; But it has a (superficial root) food that contains a lot of starch. Potatoes are the fourth most widely cultivated crop in the world after corn, wheat and rice


Garlic is a powerful food and only one clove of it can give a different flavor to the food in a large pot. Many often mistakenly think of garlic as a medicinal plant or spice, but technically, garlic is a vegetable in a family similar to onions, leeks, and shallots