Our Fresh Fruits


Mozafati dates are one of the Iranian oval dates that are famous in As the largest supplier of dates, we are happy to share our supply experiences with youinternational markets


One of the most important fruits of our company, SQD, is Iranian apple, which has always been committed to providing high quality products and services at competitive prices​


it is famous. Buying a good pomegranate requires knowledge of the characteristics of different types of pomegranate. Given that there are more than 700 species of pomegranates in Iran


Watermelon is one of the main agricultural products that is widely consumed all over the world and its export market has always prospered. But before entering this market, it is very important to have enough and accurate information about buying exported watermelon.


Iran is one of thargest producers of grapes in the world, and it produces and sends large quantities of grapes to the market every year