Producing good quality cartons as well as using the designs and subtleties in the design can have a great impact on the product sales market. The change in the raw materials of the cartons has caused the material of the fruit cartons to appear different and to have a great variety. This diversity allows us to choose the right fruit and carton, especially it. In the following, we will introduce you to different types of fruit cartons

Types of fruit cartons and their sex

In general, it can be said that the material of fruit cartons should be such as to protect fruits and products inside the box from moisture, otherwise, if not protected from moisture, it will cause spoilage and rot of products over a long distance

Fruit box

You have probably come across this model of fruit boxes. The raw material used in this model is made of wood and has its own fans. Fruit boxes are less used than exported fruit cartons and are used both in Iran and abroad

Today, the tendency to use fruit cartons is more than the fruit box and its fans are also increasing. By changing the raw materials of the cartons, they can be used well for all kinds of fruits

Laminated carton

Laminated fruit cartons are made of plastic and composite. In other words, the raw materials of laminated cartons are cellulose and resin, and cartons of this material have a very high strength and durability. It is very important that, in addition to the quality of the raw materials of the carton, its beauty is also very important. Laminate cartons have their own beauty

Other very good features of this type of export fruit carton include its easy transportation, recyclability and preservation of products in the carton

The laminate layer with its beautiful appearance sticks to the uneven surface of the carton and creates a beautiful, uniform and uniform appearance on the carton. This type of export fruit carton has a higher price than other cartons and depends on other factors such as the weight of the carton, its dimensions and the number of flutes used in it

What is a flute?

If you pay attention to the layers of the carton, you will see a wavy state. This wavy state is the same as the carton flute, which is composed of different categories of small and large

Daikati cartons

Die cutting is the process of cutting cardboard, cartons, sheet metal and paper, which is done using special molds and machines. With the help of die-cutting machines, you can cut designs into several models and numbers, and you will no longer need to use scissors and do cutting by hand

In other words, it can be said that if the fruit carton is exported from a special model and design, it is necessary to use die-casting machines and molds, but if the carton is simple and does not have a special design, it is produced by other simple machines

Printed and cardboard cartons

This type of export fruit carton is used for all products and any kind of design can be printed on these cartons. With the use of cellophane layer, it is possible to strengthen and resist, prevent the penetration of moisture and water into the box and

Single Fix Carton

Multilayer cartons consisting of two smooth layers and a grooved layer between the two layers. The material of single-face fruit cartons is the same as other cartons, and the only difference may be the quality of the raw materials of the cartons

Single face cartons can be placed in two categories: roll and plate, and each has its own characteristics

Three-layer carton

Fruit cartons are made of three layers of paper pulp and the layers are connected with the help of glue

Three-layer cartons are available in single rows and double rows. Double rows of this type of carton are mostly used in domestic markets and are not used as export fruit cartons

Three-layer cartons with doors are used as export fruit cartons and are also produced in 5 layers

What dimensions are suitable for fruit cartons

Depending on the amount and type of fruits, the dimensions of the export fruit carton can be determined and selected. If the choice of packaging and cartons of fruits is neglected and not done properly, it will cause damage to the fruits

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