Loading is an important part of fruit and vegetable exports

One of the most important and inseparable parts in the export of any commodity is its transportation. The export of any goods, regardless of whether it is done by land or air, needs to be loaded at some point along the route, ie from origin to destination. One of the things that leads to the […]

To which countries does Iran export fruit? (Fruit exports in Iran)

Fruit export is one of the most popular businesses in our country, Iran. The reason is the favorable climate that Iran has in all four seasons. In the following, we intend to provide comprehensive tips on fruit exports. Stay with us ?To which countries does Iran export fruit Iran exports fruits to different countries of […]

?How to produce export cartons

These days, due to the advancement of technology, many companies have been established with the aim of producing cartons in the country. As you probably know, one of the main products of the packaging industry is cartons. In this article, we are going to describe comprehensively how to produce fruit cartons. Stay with us How […]

?What kind of fruit cartons are made of

Producing good quality cartons as well as using the designs and subtleties in the design can have a great impact on the product sales market. The change in the raw materials of the cartons has caused the material of the fruit cartons to appear different and to have a great variety. This diversity allows us […]

Everything you need to know about multilayer cartons

Carton boxes are one of the most common types of packaging, so it can be said that 90% of the packaging of various products is made of carton. The most important reason that cartoons have become popular among people is their recyclability. These boxes are usually made of paper and cellulosic materials that are environmentally […]

Important points to know in fruit packaging

Fruit is one of those products that must be considered in order to be packaged and delivered to the customer. In addition to the fact that the fruit packaging should be in a way that protects the product well, it should also have an attractive and acceptable design because the appearance of the packaging can […]

Familiarity with the best fruit packaging methods

Today, many foods, fruits and vegetables are destroyed due to improper packaging and storage methods and cause a lot of financial loss to the seller. It is good to know that Iran has about one percent of the total population of the world, but our country’s share of global food waste is 5 percent. If […]